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Let us work together for a better world

There is an overwhelming demand for our “poverty reduction and wealth creation activities, especially our microfinance services with village banks and entrepreneurship programme, targeting young adults to nurture them as compassionate entrepreneurs.  These programmes target households in communities that are most affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS, marginalization, poverty. There is a tremendous impact being realized as we increase their access to credit and loans, and build their capacity through training in entrepreneurship. We are currently only able to reach a small fraction of the community in need because of our limited resources.

We are appealing to aid agencies, private sector corporate bodies and individuals of good will to work with us in partnership and help so that we expand and deepen the scope of these programmes. There is a critical need for more funding to strengthen and increase the number of village banks and recruit more young men and women into the compassionate entrepreneurs’ programme.

Apart from the above programmes that focus on poverty reduction and wealth creation, we are seeking partnership and funding support for our other programmes on empowerment of women and the girl child, HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, and Governance.

Volunteer Work and Internship: 

We have a limited opportunity for volunteers and interns to join our micro-finance and compassionate entrepreneurs programmes. We are especially interested in volunteers and interns that can help strengthen the business aspect of the village banks by improving staff capacity, institutional systems, structures, management and product development, and, working with the young adults who are in the programme on compassionate entrepreneurs to ensure success of their businesses. We invite mature volunteers from within and outside Kenya with relevant education, training and experience, who are ready to work for a period of not less than six months.

Accommodation for volunteers and interns:

CAI has a community development centre with accommodation and office facilities within the site of the programmes. The Community Aid Centre can only provide accommodation for a limited number of volunteers. Daily needs on food and other items must be met by the volunteer or intern. It is therefore advisable for volunteers and interns to get own sponsorship.