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Gender and Governance (III)

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Gender and Governance Programme (GGP III)


“Promoting Women’s Inclusion in Decision Making”

Community Aid International (CAI) is implementing Gender and Governance III, a project which was born out of realization that women’s participation in governance and leadership positions has remained low despite the Kenya Government’s commitment to women’s empowerment through formulation of gender responsive policies, Presidential Proclamations and above all the ratification of the international human rights conventions which call for equal opportunities for men and women in the public sphere.

The GGP was developed by different stakeholders comprising of women leaders and women centred civil society organisations and supported by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) and development partners such as the Swedish International Development Agency, the Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and DFID.

The Gender and Governance Programme III is a multi-stakeholder programme formulated to deepen the gains of the Engendering Political Process Programme (EPPP) in ensuring that women issues remain relevant in national politics, to support transformative leadership across all levels and tiers of government that delivers for people and in particular delivers on gender equality and to strengthen women’s leadership within communities and at the national levels.

The overall goal of the GGP is to transform leadership and governance at all levels in Kenya in order to deliver on poverty reduction, access to basic needs and equality between and among persons