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Welcome To Community Aid International

Improving Quality of Life
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Community Aid Center, Bondo

Improving Quality of Life

Community Aid International

“Improving Quality of Life”

Who We Are

Community Aid International (CAI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kenya with head offices in Nairobi, working with communities and partners to fight poverty and promote social justice. We have grown since 1993 into an organization that designs and implements development activities in Kenya other countries in East and Central Africa.

What We Do

Community Aid international (CAI) approaches its development work with the conviction that the power and will to improve the quality of life lies with the communities in which we work. We believe in directing our effort in helping people to strengthen their capacity and increase their momentum as they work towards realizing their potential in improving their quality of life.

Who We Work With

We work with aid agencies, private sector corporate bodies and individuals of good-will, in partnership so that we expand and deepen the scope of these programmes. We are also interested in volunteers and interns who can help strengthen the impact and broaden the reach of our projects.



Our Vision

“A society in which all people have basic needs and lasting quality and dignified life”
CAI has a vision of a world in which women, men and children enjoy equal opportunities on the basis of basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, education for children and health care. CAI’s vision extends to a world in which the dignity of all women and men and rights of children are affirmed, respected and upheld.

Our Mission

“To work with the under-served, disadvantaged and marginalized communities to facilitate enhancement of their capacities to improve their quality of life through sustainable development and participation in ensuring lasting peace and justice to all.”